Firstly, I ask that you keep this link confidential as I’m not offering this to the general public.

Jaclyn Phillips had mentioned that she had some Strong Girls interested in shooting and asked if I would be willing to offer a special for friends and family. How could I say no to a face like this, I mean just look at those cheeks, they scream, “Pinch me!!!”.
She’s going to kill me.

This will be capped as I only have a few days available in November for this.

Shoot date : Wednesday December 2nd, 2020
Location : 2532 Wharton Glen Ave, Unit 3 – My studio

As you may know, I haven’t offered half day rates in a few years. When I did the rate used to be $1600. I’ll be reducing it to $1500. (In my best cheesy tv commercial voice, ‘But wait, there’s more’), no retainer is required and you pay for the shoot with monthly payments of only $125.00. It includes make up and hair and also a print subscription to STRONG Fitness Magazine. I want to make shooting together as easy and beneficial for you as I can. 

We’ll get about 4 looks and you’ll end up with THOUSANDS of amazing images at the end of the shoot. Just ask Jaclyn or anyone else that’s worked with me.

It’s a great deal right? Lets do this.

Once subscribed with the button above, you are confirmed to shoot. I will be reaching out with a confirmation as quickly as possible. Please keep in mind, priority dates and times will be offered on a first come, first served basis.
I’m looking forward to working with you.


Shoot value of $1500 CAD. A minimum 12 payments of $125 CAD is required per shoot. You can pay up-front if desired or cancel at any time. If payments are cancelled after the shoot, the difference outstanding will be owed. No unused portion of the plan is refundable or transferable. The plan is non-transferable at any time.  You can keep the program going for multiple half day shoots!