I can’t begin to tell you how happy I was when Ramona asked if I would do a trip just for her and her people – Strap yourself in, you in for an amazing ride!

You’ve seen the pictures, the videos and probably even heard from a friend or two about how incredible these trips are.  Not only do you end up with thousands of amazing pics, you also come back a new person – That’s a promise!

To be clear, this will be a Mona team only trip, everyone not on the team is going to be sooo jealous!

Staying at the Virgin Hotel 

You will end up with thousands of pictures from this trip. Ranging from the candids around the group shoots, the parties, and individual shoots. The total for the photography package including makeup and hair, and skydiving is $2,000.00

June 12 – 16, 2024
Tentative schedule;

Wednesday: Meet and greet – Everyone wear white and captains hat. Also bring a black bikini/swimsuit to change at the pool. I will provide bunny masks.
Thursday: Individual shoots – Followed by 2 Group shoots – Second group outfit we take to the strip. 
Friday: Sky diving in the morning – Mad Max Group Shoot in the desert – Sushi Dinner w pics walking back (still in Mad Max gear)
Saturday – Shopping / Lounge at pool – To be decided
Sunday – Limp home

CONFIRMED – Makeup and hair times below, the shoot will follow.

8:00am Patricia Nichols
9:00am Deeann Orio *
10:00am Suzanna Montoya *
11:00am Alicia Garcia *
12:00pm Jazlyn Lozoya *
1:00pm Ramona Temple-Gonzales*
2:00pm Rose D Simmons *

* Retainer paid, balance due at the shoot

To secure your spot, you can send $500 here with the final $1500 in cash at the shoot.

Candid spread as seen in ANDIVERO Magazine.


This is the awkward part to bring up as there is no way to sugar-coat it and not look like an asshole. This is a big point as ANYONE who has been on a trip will agree, PLEASE don’t bring boyfriends/husbands.

Also, Vegas can be difficult on relationships. Especially this one as we’re going to strike terror into the very heart of Vegas. I’ve seen it numerous times where you’re having the best time, fist pumping to music at the pool parties, taking cool selfies, posting how amazing a time you’re having but have it cut short by upset texts from your partner. Or worse, have to sit things out for fear of upsetting them. Social media (And just Vegas) can be a real strain. I don’t want to be responsible for problems in anyone’s relationship – If you don’t think yours is up for it, it’s probably best you sit this trip out.