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7 Days in Roatan
$24.95 US + Shipping & Handling

Some time ago, I took down Playboy Cover model Elle Patille, Playboy Cover model Claudie Auclair, and smoking hot Sanaz Dehghan along with Jacqueline Megaw and Lori Fabrizio for a week long , sun filled, photographic romp in Roatan. The purpose of the trip was nothing more than to have some fun, get a tan, and get some great photos.

The trip turned out to be a huge success with images getting picked up by various magazines (and continue to get picked up). It wasn’t till I was flipping through the images with a friend that I realized how much stuff I had. I took sooo many behind the scenes pictures I surprised myself! With little prompting from my friend, I broke down, decided to go ahead and take the plunge to self publish this book.

What’s inside?
Well, for starters over 200 pictures. That’s quite a bit!
You’ll get to see behind the scenes at the parties, the locations, the drinks and for you photographers – behind the scenes of how the shots were set up, angled and lit… Not something I share every day.

It’s not every day we get to fly down to the Caribbean with 3 Playboy models to party for a week.  With this book, you’ll have the distinct feeling of being smack dab in the middle of the action.

What’s outside?
Because I had a hard time deciding which cover I liked more, I’ve decided to let YOU decide which you prefer. This book comes with two covers to choose from. To be clear, the inside is the same in each book (I would hate for there to be surprises)