Thank you for booking a shoot. This page will be your source of information leading up to your individual shoot as well as the group shoot. Brace yourself, you’re in for an amazing experience.

Dates, Location and Call Times:

Group Shoot November 16, 2023
Location 2532 Wharton Glen Ave, Unit 3 (Please only park in front of my unit)

Group Shoot November 16, 2023 Confirmed Models
(Makeup and hair times will be updated closer to the date. Unless you are doing an individual shoot on June 15th, the makeup and hair fee is $200 – Payable directly to the makeup artist)

Individual Shoots Scheduled + Group Pic


Makeup Times

7:45am Amanda Wright
8:30am Amanda Robinson
9:15amTrish Smith
9:30am Amy Therrien – Cancelled
10:00am Melanie Georgiou
10:45am Jennie Gomes
11:30am Julia Chang


Individual Shoot Times
(in Green) 

9:00am Amanda Wright
10:00am Amanda Robinson
11:00am Trish Smith
12:00pm Amy Therrien – Cancelled
1pm Group Shoot
2:00pm Melanie Georgiou

* Balance Due at The Shoot

Group shoot to follow.
Makeup times may change. Please check back and be sure to refresh the screen for changes.

My mobile is 416-617-7399

I get asked quite a bit if it’s customary to tip the make up artist and while it’s not mandatory, it certainly goes a long way. I’ve seen tips rage anywhere from $50 to $200. Again, this is not mandatory.

We ask models bring all their own wardrobe. It’s a good idea to bring more than you think you’ll need – It’s good to have options.

Please arrive to the shoot with clean, dry hair and no makeup. All makeup and hair will be provided for you. 

The shoots are closed private sets, we ask you refrain from bringing friends or family as a courtesy to other models and space becomes very limited if everyone brings people.

From the day of your shoot, you have 365 days to select your edits. Simply email me ( the file numbers of your selects. 

Other things to bring with you to the shoot; Robe, Toothbrush and paste, Nude thong, No-show socks, Nude and black heels, and or props you would like to shoot with. (Please advise in advance if the prop is excessive in size).

Eyelashes will be provided however, if you have clip in extensions and choose to wear them for your shoot, please have them in when you arrive.

A little bit of colour also always looks good on camera so if you are tanned great, if not you may want to do a spray tan, however do not think stage or competition dark. An even nice golden glow is best.

Wardrobe suggestions : FITNESS (simple sports bra, booty shorts, tank top etc .Please bring heels as they help to bring out your legs even when shooting from the knee up)  LINGERIE if you would like, SWIMWEAR, or CASUAL, which could be tank and jeans and/or underwear.

You get to leave with all your pics in hi-res at the end of your shoot.

As part of the discounted rate it’s agreed that shoots are not transferable and retainers / payments are not refundable. 

Most models are amazed at how fast the time seems to fly by.  I can get the desired effect / look within the first few pictures. The benefit of this is you get a high percentage of usable images in a very short amount of time. In fact, there is never more than a minute or two spent on adjusting lighting, if even that. You may also have noticed how many images are circulated on social media that have not been edited. The images do not require much, (if any) editing to the final image.  Another reason you get a high percentage of useable images.