Thank you for booking a location shoot – You are on the list, it’s going to happen, so exciting!

Days of shooting are jammed packed with fun and tons of excitement – Get ready, you’re going to have a blast… and of course, some sweet-ass pics as well.

The location will be specified closer to your shoot date including hotel name and suite number or Airbnb address. I generally reach out with this information the week of the shoot and/or follow up with the actual suite number once we have checked in (usually the afternoon before the shoot)

Also be sure to bring a laptop or hard drive to get your images right at the shoot.

My cell is 416-617-7399 if you have any problems.

I get asked quite a bit if it’s customary to tip the make up artist and while it’s not mandatory, it certainly goes a long way. I’ve seen tips rage anywhere from $50 to $200. Again, this is not mandatory.

Location shoots are closed private sets, we ask you refrain from bringing friends or family as a courtesy to other models before and after you.

If you are going to be bringing a friend, boyfriend or husband to be in a couple pictures it is an additional $300 (make up not included). Just be sure to mention it before hand so we can schedule accordingly. I should take this moment to advise, based on my past experience, that extra eyes on you albeit friends or family will not make you more comfortable. People often bring friends for support only to later regret it.

IMPORTANT – I am under contract with a supplement line and am restricted from having my images used with any other supplement lines. This includes tagging/hash-tagging, commenting on, or mention/promotion in any way of supplement lines. It would be the same as me giving your images to a supplement line that a competitor to your sponsor.
Thinking of Shooting With A Friend – CLICK HERE


Also, I get a lot of requests as to what to bring to the shoot. It’s good to bring more than you think we’ll need. For inspiration, I suggest checking out my Instagram page here to see what I’ve shot others in. One thing I do recommend is bring a nice top/blazer for a professional headshot – I always start the shoot with this and you’ll be happy to have them. If you’re looking for bikinis, I absolutely LOVE Mayra, you can check them out here.

This is me excited to work with you!

My assistant and Make up Artist Monica Kalra – She will likely be doing your make up.

Here’s a tip for you.

 The purpose of my retainer is to secure a date/time for a future shoot(s) and covers the the administrative aspects of the booking before the shoot happens. Correspondence, scheduling date(s), changing dates (this happens a lot), coordinating staff required including but not limited to make up and hair, stylist, catering, securing studio time, securing hotels, booking flights, accounting and other miscellaneous costs associated with securing the shoot. I’m stupid busy at times and with my team, deal with over a hundred emails per day, and the time spent setting up the shoots behind the scenes takes up much of our time. Once your shoot is set up, the work has already been done, cancelling a shoot only serves to increase the amount of work as I also have to cancel everything else. As well, if it’s close to the date, there is a good possibility that time will go unbooked whereas it would have been taken by someone else.  The retainer is taken off the total of the shoot but as all the other events have transpired, the retainer is not refundable. If you have any issues with this please contact me immediately upon receiving the link to this page.

There is a $100.00 charge to change your date. To be fair, if I have to change your date, I will reduce the cost of the shoot by $100.00. I’m prepared to commit to our day and I hope you are as well.

Important: Our shoot is for personal and personal business use. This means the images cannot be sold or given away without my prior consent. This also includes entering contests or competitions where 3rd party logo’s or advertising is placed on the image. 

It’s the same as if I did a shoot for a major magazine. They can use the images however, they are not allowed to sell the images to another company without prior approval.

If a 3rd party is paying for the shoot, I need to know before we shoot.

If you have questions about this, please don’t hesitate to ask before we shoot.

I keep all shoots on file. If you should happen to misplace your shoot I will gladly mail you a secondary copy of your DVD’s. There is a $50.00 charge for this. 


Things you should consider bringing and NOT bringing;
Toothbrush and tooth paste
Nude Thong (More important than you might think) Sometimes I provide garments and a nude thong is best to wear beneath.
Slippers (Dirty feet never photograph well)
A nice pair of simple black (and if possible nude) high-heels
Because I am not a fashion photographer I recommend avoiding dresses, gowns, business suits, your man’s white dress shits and tie unless it’s a specific look you need. It’s a good idea to run it by me before bringing such items. Remember, I’m a skin photographer – It’s what I do.
While we have select pieces of wardrobe available at the studio it would be prohibitively difficult to travel with. As a result, we ask models bring all their own wardrobe. It’s a good idea to bring more than you think you’ll need. It’s good to have options.
If you have an external hard drive or laptop, bring it, it’s usually easier than DVDs. Please no USB memory sticks.

If there are ‘MUST HAVE’ shots, please let me know first thing… Before we start with make up. Too often, I’ve had models say, “I wish we shot …(Insert their wish here)”. Don’t be shy. We’re here to work together to get you exactly what you’re after.

The happier you are, the happier I am.

Here’s a link for credit protocol after our shoot.

Again, thank you for booking a shoot and I look forward to working together.