As you know, a large part of running a successful coaching business is client retention. You need to keep things interesting, to separate and stand above your competition – And this is how I can help.

I have worked with dozens of coaches over the years, most of whom come back with their teams annually to celebrate their hard work and to create a team / community experience AND it doesn’t cost you anything.

Here’s what I offer;

I do individual shoots with makeup and har included for everyone that signs up.  Any photographer can take pictures but I offer so much more. For starters, everyone will receive over 1000 images from their shoot that day, no having to wait for edits or watermarks etc – They leave with all their images. Having worked for numerous magazines over the last 25 years I have refined my workflow so that my images don’t require editing, a fact I’m very proud of. Take a look at my instagram and you’ll see over 90% of the images shared there are unedited. More important than the quality of the images is the quality of the experience. The main reason for my success is my personality, I am loud, energetic, supportive and make my clients feel like supermodels – In fact I encourage you to reach out to ANYONE I have worked with and ask what their experience was like. A selling point I find makes this a unique experience is you can sell it as working with a renowned photographer as I have shot about 300 covers ranging from Playboy, Oxygen, STRONG, Sports Illustrated, ANDIVERO, MAXIM, etc.
You can see those here.

The benefits of doing a shoot are significant, the coaches that book these shoots use the images to promote their business and just about ALL your clients that don’t sign up will see the results and beg to be invited for the next one. The quality of this experience helps secure your spot as the trainer to be with.

I will create a page for you on my site for your team to sign up with. It will include all the information about the shoot as well as methods for payments/securing their spots.  My regular individual shoots are $1,500 but I will offer this to your group for $1,200 – On the page I will make note that you are responsible and the person to thank for getting the rate reduced.

Here is a sample page I have created for a coach that comes back twice per year – Actually, I recommend reaching out to her and asking how these shoots have helped her business.

We have a few options available too. We can shoot it at my studio just outside of Toronto, I can come to you, OR if you want to be super fancy, book your team a Vegas experience. The Vegas experience costs more but you get soooo much more in terms of both sheer number of images and quality of experience. I can guarantee you your team will have a life-changing time.

Here’s a sample page I created for a different coach and again, reach out to the coach directly with how it helps their business.

The package can also be à la carte, meaning you can make changes to the itinerary. For example, the trip above she opted to remove the skydiving and shoot a ‘Rhinestone Cowgirl’ them on the strip instead of Mad Max theme in the desert.

This group has opted in for the Sky Diving AND Mad Max and the cost was adjusted accordingly.

Years ago I would have coaches ask if I would do Caribbean trips with their teams and while I loved doing them I found they were a bit harder to sell. That being said, I would be up to discussing it.

Minimum Numbers

For a studio shoot, I would require a minimum of 4 clients
For Vegas I would need 8 clients and can fill a maximum of 12
Caribbean would need 16 – But I might be able to invite another team to help make it easier to full the spots.

There is so much more to these shoots and if you are interested I would be more than happy to jump on a call and talk possibilities as well as answer any questions you might have.

I hope we get to work together!