For the last few years I’ve been taking pics of all the contestants for the CHIN Bikini Contest.

This year was just as much fun as all the other years with a little added added bonus.

You see, every year when I shoot these, a representative from TIGRIS, (Who runs the CHIN contest) comes to supervise and coordinate all the models. This year, I was thrilled to see Leah Gabriel was the coordinator for the shoots. I had met her on a few occasions and always loved her sweet disposition and genuineness… And yes, her look too.

So at the end of the last day of shooting, I asked her to put on one of the bikinis and hop on the set for a few sexy pics. She was a little mortified as she was totally not prepared to model – She didn’t even have make up on. Luckily, the last model of the day offered to share hers and with a little persuasion, she agreed.

Leah Gabriel - photo by paulbuceta.comLeah Gabriel - photo by

We spent all of 2 minutes taking what I think are beautiful pics.

Seriously, we only shot for two minutes. We didn’t need to shoot any more. She nailed it in no time flat.

I’m hopeful to be able to work with her again down the road. This time, with a little more notice.

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