Back in September I was asked by a couple of magazines I work for to cover the Olympia in Las Vegas. Generally I love to travel, but when I have to cover an event it’s not all fun and games. I actually consider it a really long commute.

So, to help make the trip that much more fun I brought Lori and Sarah as assistants – Hey, I needed help carrying my backpack.

While at the event I get approached by another client to see if I’d be interested to stay a few more days to shoot the winner of the Olympia!
Hells yes. Well kinda.
I had mixed feelings about this. On the one hand he’s the most famous body builder in the world and on the other he’s a he.
I don’t mind shooting guys, it’s just saying things like, ‘Yeah, buddy arch your back – That’s hot!” feels funny… for both of us.

I would have invited both girls to stay the extra time but Lori had a job booked she couldn’t get out of so it was just Scottie and I.

On this day we got to the pool early and since they weren’t serving breakfast we started with hot dogs.
The breakfast was accompanied by some beer.
For lunch we had burgers, fries and even more alcohol.
Needless to say we were sitting at the pool pretty intoxicated the entire day.

All work no play leaves Paul and Sarah with no tan.

It wasn’t until six or seven in the evening we decided to go shopping for some new clothes to wear for dinner. Keep in mind we had only packed for the weekend and now were staying extra time. So off we went to the Forum shops feeling happy and wet in our bathing suits.

Aside – Bathing suits don’t dry very fast in real cold air conditioning.

At around 10pm and $500.00 later we realized we were too tired and hungry to go get dressed for a fancy dinner.
So off we went in our bathing suits across the street to the Imperial Palace to get one of their famous all day breakfasts.

I had beer with my steak and eggs – A lot of beer.

Still in our bathing suits and feeling no pain we went to a live outdoor show and decided to try our hand at black jack – The booze is free while playing.

Sarah did real well at the tables whereas I, not so much.
I’m pretty sure I spent all the money I was being paid to stay to shoot at the tables, shopping and booze.
I’m such a loser, ‘pruny’ privates and all.

Here we are at Gold’s Gym in Las Vegas with two time Mr. Olympia – Jay Cutler.

All was not lost – I had a great time, the client loved the pics, and I now know what it’s like to dry privates with a hotel hair dryer.

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